Honoring Our Hometown Heroes

One of our important missions is to honor and remember the military service of Bedford Veterans. To accomplish this we have started to create a local database of those who have served from our community. Generations of Bedford citizens have answered the call. One day we would like to use this information to build a wall of honor.

To help us create a complete list you can help. Please submit their name and service information by filling out this online form here: Honors Online Form. Please send all military photos to bedfrodtwpvets@gmail.com.

Below is a list of all known Bedford Veterans.
Service men and women who were Killed In Action will be designated in the below list with a ♥

NameBranchYear ServedCombat TourKIA
♥ Richard "Rich" James Widmer

Army1970Viet NamYes
♥ Ronald "Ron" ColwellArmy1968Viet NamYes
♥ Thomas "Tom" Edward GrayArmy1969Viet NamYes
♥ William "Rick" Fredrick Van CleaveArmy1969Viet NamYes
Anthony WoronecMarines Operation Iraqi Freedom No
Bradley FranciscyArmy2 Combat ToursIraqNo
Carl E. Swanbeck II, ED.SArmy1976 to 1993Cold War
Desert Storm
Chad Brammer Marines 2 years No
Cheryl Thrasher Navy1987-1992Gulf WarNo
Chris BarnesArmy1998-2000No
Clayton CarpenterArmy12 years active duty
2 years Korea-overseas assignment
2 Combat Tours - IraqNo
Craig C. WieczorekMarines 1972 - 1976Viet NamNo
Dale NowickiArmy1981-1989GrenadaNo
Dane FishMarines 8 yearsNo
Daniel W. BurmeisterArmy1968-70Vietnam
Walter Reed 1yr
Purple Heart
Deceased from Agent Orange
Dave WatsonAir Force1976 to 1996Grenada
Desert Storm
Doug HartlineAir Force1977 to 1989No
Dustin PerkinsCoast Guard8 yearsOperation Iraqi FreedomNo
Eric StadlerU.S. Air Force, Ohio Air National Guard, U.S. Army1992-2014IraqNo
Eugene Edward WhitenburgArmy1952-1954N/ANo
Gary G. BingerArmy2 yearsViet NamNo
Gregory LockreyNavy1970-1978Viet NamNo
Jacob HealyArmy2007-2013Operation New DawnNo
James BaconMarines 1967 -1977Viet NamNo
Jamie GravelleAir Force25 / Still ServingOperation Northern Watch/ IraqNo
Jesse BensonArmy2011-Present2012-13 - Operations Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan
2014-15 - Operation Inherent Resolve, Turkey 2016-17 - Operation Inherent Resolve, Iraq
Jim CowellMarines 1994 to presentOperation Iraqi FreedomNo
John KieselbachArmy2002-2006IraqNo
Joseph A. WinklerMarines
Joseph HalhoberAir Force1969 to 1989Viet Nam
Joshua FranciscyArmy12 YearsIraqNo
Kent M. NanneyMarines 1985-1991No
Linda LewarkArmy Nurse Corps2 yearsViet NamNo
Loretta KeslerArmy1960Viet NamNo
Machel S Shaffer, MSGT, RetiredUnited States Air Force - Air Guard1982-2005Operation Desert Storm and ShieldNo
Mark S. GosbethArmy23 yearsOperation Iraqi FreedomNo
Michael NotheisArmy1987 - 1991Persian Gulf WarNo
Mike FrostAir Force5Viet NamNo
Mike TremblayArmy1966-1969Okinawa
Viet Nam
Molly Campbell-KeysorOhio Air National Guard179th Airlift WingNo
Monica Burt MugaveroArmy1989-1995No
Paul A. Eishen, Jr. CW5 Ret.Army31 years active duty - Four OIF 1-3-5, OEFGulf War
Randall (Randy) A. BarrettAir Force1969-1997Viet Nam
South East Asia
Gulf War
Randy HallMarines 6 yearsNo
Randy MorrisNavy1974 - 1978Viet Nam No
Raymond C BaconArmy1971 to 1974
1981 to 1983
Viet NamNo
Robert G. KabchefAir Force1963 to 1967Viet NamNo
Robert HartArmy23 years - Germany, Korea, IraqOperation Iraqi FreedomNo
Roger H. Brushaber IIAir Force1984-2005Gulf War
Global War on Terrorism
Sean OsbornNavy1991- 2011retired 20 YrsNo
Steve FredericksNavy1972 thru 1976Viet NamNo
Tara WilliamsArmy1993-19971 tour - Persian GulfNo
Terry MillsArmy1971Viet NamNo
Thomas A BringmanArmyJune 1968 to January 1970Viet NamNo
Thomas JohnsonAir Force
Panama Operation Just Cause - Dec '89No
Thomas RandallArmy2Viet NamNo
Thomas Randall JrMarines1992-1996SomaliaNo
Tim FitzGeraldArmy2008-2009Operation Iraqi FreedomNo
Timothy FranceArmy1970-1997IraqNo
Timothy William MannorArmy1996-2011El Salvador - Humanitarian
Iraq - 3 tours
Wayne Alan OrtmanMarines1950-1954N/ANo
William OrthArmy2Viet NamNo
William Travis CarpenterArmy1987-1990Operation Just CauseNo