Job & Career Opportunities

We will be offering several resources for job and career opportunities to assist those veterans who are in need of employment or career advancement.

If you are looking for help with finding a new job, switching careers or just transitioning from military life to employment, we can help! The BTVC Team will be able to work with you to accomplish this goal of self sufficiency. We can offer resume building assistance, help create and fine tune your profile on employment websites such as Career Builder, Monster, Indeed and the Michigan and Ohio state employment agency websites. We can also assist in putting you in touch with apprenticeship programs, direct you to several employment agencies, and offer a list of current jobs available in our area.

Download this IronWorkers Brochure for more info on Apprenticeships and Training.

Download this Supplemental Staffing Flyer for more info on employment.

Keep checking back here, more info to come!