About Us

Our History

The Bedford Twp. Veterans team got its start when a collection of community members were inspired to gather and focus on supporting their local veterans. Following the success of the inaugural kickoff tshirt fundraiser at the first ever Red, White, and Blue Ribfest, committee members continued to plan and build a solid foundation of resources and support.  The veterans committee was launched and became Bedford Township's premier organization dedicated to providing a variety of support to its veterans. The Bedford Twp. Veterans team and its parent organization, the Bedford Township Government Center, supports a wide range of programs including emotional, financial, housing, medical, and home care items in an effort to preserve the integrity of past, current and future generations of veterans and their families.

Our Mission

The Bedford Twp. Veterans Committee is a local 501(c)3 non-profit community outreach organization of neighbors coming together to serve the needs of our Military Veterans (active, retired, reserve, and guard), and their families residing in Bedford Township, Michigan.

Our Cause

We serve the needs of our Military Veterans (active, retired, reserve, and guard), and their families residing in Bedford Township (Lambertville, Temperance and Samaria), Michigan. We will do this through the development and implementation of outreach programs and services, focused on meeting the unique needs and challenges of today's veterans. We will increase public recognition of the value of our Veterans and their families, their services and sacrifice and raise public awareness of their contributions.

Our Action

Currently, we have been vigilantly fundraising to raise enough capital to kickstart our program and help those we serve. We are organizing the foundation of our support group. We are building our list of resources with direct contact information. Our goal of opening up a Veteran Center in downtown Temperance is in progress. We are target marketing directly to those in our community and reaching out to as many local veterans as possible and adding to them to our database.

Our Impact

In just the few short months since we began, we have helped one family with food, diapers and formula, helped one veteran with PTSD get the emotional support he needed and sought help for him, helped direct a veteran family outside our service area to get help with a roof and furnace repair. We have also helped other veterans with direction for work, and are in the process of helping another veteran obtain a service dog.

This team is dedicated to advocating for the health and well being of our local Veterans. This is accomplished through leadership, guidance and education on matters of concern.

Our Requests

We are currently looking for those interested in helping us accomplish our goals by donating their time, talents, monetary funding, goods and materials. We accept food, clothing, toiletries, baby items, children's toys, furniture, office equipment, appliances, building material (home repair), business referrals, gift cards, school supplies, education material, and any other resources to help our veterans and their families while they are out on deployment or have returned home from service.